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We're Super Swamped!


Retail Sales Are The Slowest In Decades So Local Stores
Are Doing Everything Possible To Improve Customer Service.

Dear Future ‘Local Shopper’,

  MALE & FEMALE Local Shoppers Are Needed Since A Staggering
643 Assignments MUST Be Completed In Your Local Area Alone...

  How would you like to make $75 for every hour worth of easy shopping you do... all in your spare time as a 'Local Shopper'?

  In today’s poor business climate, there is a very high demand
for ‘Local Shoppers’. How much you make depends on how much time
you put in each week, shopping at your Local Brand Name Stores.


  There are thousands of Brand Name Stores in the Local Area; such as Electronics, Appliance & Clothing Stores... Supermarkets and Restaurants etc... that now monitor weekly, how well a Customer is treated and likes their Store. Click Here:'Behind The Scenes' Videos

  And each Store needs ‘Local Shoppers’ to go on FREE Shopping Sprees EVERY week. This is where you come in. To find out if their Employees are friendly, how clean their Store is and how fast you get waited on, they rely on ‘Local Shoppers’ like you!

  We are now enrolling 7 interested persons, like yourself, in
the Local Area. No prior experience is required to be one of our
new ‘Local Shoppers’.

  If you have neat handwriting or can type, and are responsible,
you can get paid for shopping at your Local Brand Name Stores!

BOTH Male & Female Shoppers are needed...

But you must enroll today... or the openings
in your area will be given to another Shopper.


  You can even get free merchandise. This simply means that –
The Stores Pay For Everything You Buy... And You Get To Keep It! From TV’s to Clothes, Shoes to Auto Parts, Linens to Food and more!

  The possibilities are endless because, every time that you do a Shopping Assignment, you MUST act like a REAL Customer and always take Merchandise with you when you leave the Store!

  No experience is needed. You don’t ever have to buy anything with your own money! Local Brand Name Stores who want you as a ‘Local Shopper’ will supply you with everything you need.

  You’ll never have to search for Stores who will pay you to shop. The Businesses that you will shop for, will contact you directly
by sending you an Assignment Notification in the Mail or by eMail.

  If you are sincerely interested in Getting Paid To Shop, once you have completed your Registration Process, I will let you Download, immediately, our special ‘Local Shopper’s ’Quick-Start Package’ to help you get started ASAP!

  Local Shoppers Network® will provide you with everything necessary for you to make a lifetime of income, as a ‘Local Shopper’ now, in the Local Area; and no matter where you move in the future.

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